My journey: How it all started

Contrary to my business theme of spreading motivation and calmness through my artworks, my inspiration and start was rather dull and dark. The lockdown period of 2020 was a tough time for everybody, even for me. The dull environment along with all the negativity spreading, did not make an ideal environment for work. In that period of 6 months, I was suffering from art blocks along with my personal problems. I could not get a single idea in my mind. I was procrastinating all the time and spent all my time sleeping and playing games. Because of this unproductivity, I started feeling down and frustrated. Due to the frustration, I again could not get ideas to work on and thus the cycle continued.

As a designer, an art block is the toughest roadblock to get over. It sucks all the motivation from you and you end up doing nothing. When I would sit down to draw something, I could not do it. I would sit in front of the blank paper for hours. I looked for some inspiration from other artists but could not get some original ideas. The blank white paper wrapped around me tightly, strangling and suffocating me. I could not get myself to exercise which I would usually do regularly. I even found it tiresome to play my instruments.I just slept the whole day to escape from the reality which I was not ready to face.


But with hard times, there comes rays of opportunities knocking at your door. I decided I had to do something productive and get over this huge wall which was in front of me blocking my path of success. I started reading some positive books and saw some inspirational videos. I had always wanted to take my art into the world. I felt that like me there must be many people who would want some motivation to get up from their bed and start some productive work. At the same time there must be people who appreciate art and would like some good artworks to hang up on their walls and decorate their homes.

So I took the opportunity and thought of starting my very own business of selling art posters with motivational quotes which would give a sense of calm as well as motivate the viewers to do their work. This certain goal to start a business helped me focus and I was able to get up everyday and make beautiful artworks which would also help me stay motivated. Unlike before, now I am really grateful for the time I went through, because without it I would not have thought of such a great idea.

If you want some positive and inspirational books to read, then check out my recommendations


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