10 effective ways to stay motivated

It is a known fact that to achieve success in any particular field one must remain motivated and committed to the end goal. Successful people realise the importance of each and every task and decide to complete it even though they don’t like it.

It's not that successful people never procrastinate or they aren’t demotivated. THEY DO! But they find a way to make the wasted time productive and find a way to stay motivated and that's what sets them apart.

After reading and researching, I have gathered some tips which help me to become and STAY motivated. I hope it will help you too.


The first step is to clearly define your goals. Write them down and commit to them. Well defined goals help you to take action. Measurable goals keep you focused. Set up goals that interest you. This way the journey to reaching the goal will be fun and enjoyable and at the same time you will stay motivated.

Once you have clearly defined your goal, start preparing schedules. Plan your day and make time to complete specific tasks that will help achieve your goals. A well structured and organised routine always helps to stay focused on your goals.

2. Break up your goals

What you have now is the endpoint. The ultimate goal. But to achieve that goal you have to start small. Breaking up your goals into smaller manageable tasks will help you to stay motivated since you will feel energized once you complete the day’s task.

Trust me, it works. You will find it easier and you will stay motivated if for example, you have to write 1-2 pages in a day rather than writing a whole chapter in a week.

3. Take breaks

Breaks are as important as the work itself. Taking a well organised break will not only energize you more to complete the task but you also take care of your health. Plan out when you will take your breaks and for how long, because unplanned breaks only lead to procrastination.

4. Think positive

Always think positive and stay committed to your goal even if you face some obstacles. Keep on trying and never give up. Try different approaches or find a new perspective but always stay positive. When you think positive, you instruct your mind to bring forth positive outcomes and in some way or another you will find a way out.

5. Productive procrastination

Procrastination is the major reason for one’s failure. Just one more episode and I will start my work. Trust me, the “episode” never ends. I don't have to state the obvious and tell you about how procrastination makes us unproductive and sets us on the path of failure.

But what if there was a way to solve the problem. After reading and researching, I came to understand that many successful people follow the technique of productive procrastination.

It means that you yourself give a very small amount of time for “procrastinating” before starting any work. If you plan out your breaks and give yourself little time for procrastination on a regular basis, but in a structured way, chances are that you will avoid procrastinating in major and damaging ways.

But this requires a lot of self control to stop yourself at “ONLY ONE EPISODE”.

6. Give yourself rewards (positive reinforcement)

Giving yourself rewards after completing a task, also known as positive reinforcements, is a fundamental principle in human behaviour which states that an action is more likely to happen and continue to happen if it is followed by an enjoyable reward.

So go ahead and treat yourself with your favourite chocolate everytime you go to the gym. Just kidding.

7. Hold yourself accountable (the ulysses pact)

You have to hold yourself accountable for whatever decisions you make and stick to the plan. The Ulysses Pact also known as a commitment device, is a technique from behavioral psychology that allows us to make a choice in the present that binds us to or “lock us in” to an action or decision in the future, usually by means of a structured system of external constraints or incentives.

For example, If you want to make a regular workout schedule. You could keep some amount of money with your family or friend and tell them to spend a specific amount for themselves every time you miss the gym. This way you will stay motivated to go to the gym and not lose your money.

If you want to learn more about the Ulysses pact then check this out-

The Ulysses Pact: An Ancient Technique for Building Better Habits

8. Read and watch

Read motivational books and watch inspirational videos. They sure help to make you start your work and remain motivated. Autobiographies and biographies of successful people are great if you want to be inspired about how they overcame their struggles and became what they are now.

Here are my recommendations for some really good positive and motivational books-

9. Visualise

Visualization is a very powerful technique which will help you to stay motivated as well as achieve your goals. It is a simple technique which involves creating a clear, specific and concrete image in your mind of what you want to achieve and putting all your faith, backed by efforts into it, and you will surely achieve it.

The only thing to be kept in mind is consistency. You have to visualise your goal every single day. The principle behind it is very simple. The more you think about your goal, you constantly feed your subconscious mind with the thoughts of achieving that goal. This constant feeding forces your subconscious mind to give you ideas that help to achieve your goals and you remain motivated

10. Motivate others

Just like you are in need of constant motivation, there are others too who need some help to get some inspiration. Help others by praising them and motivating them about their work. If you help other people, other people will help you. When you motivate others, you are indirectly motivating yourself to complete your work too.


Did you find any of the tips useful? Tell me your thoughts in the comments. I always love to read feedback.