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Starting your own business can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Well, I would say that's not true. I learned so many new things which I never would have looked at if I had not started my very own business. On top of that, the whole process is very exciting and joyful.

Here’s my process of how I work from getting the ideas for the artwork to shipping it to the customers.

Brainstorming the hell out of my brains

The toughest step is the very first step. Yes that’s right. Even though we artists have many good ideas, it is difficult to find a great idea which is relevant as well as has great meaning and concept. I have to brainstorm and gather inspiration to get the perfect relevant artwork which I am looking for to fit the theme. While I am generating my ideas, I get so many great ideas but am unable to use them (even though I make them for my personal use) because they are not relevant. Researching and getting inspiration from other artists helps a lot to generate your own ideas.

The lockdown period of 2020 was a tough time. This was the time I got most of my art blocks. I could not get any ideas and would procrastinate all the time. But I got through the tough times and focused all my energy into making the artworks and it turned out great.

Do you want to know how to stay motivated and do productive work?

Creating the masterpiece

This is the step I enjoy the most. Doing extreme manual labour and having sleepless nights to create artworks. Yes, I enjoy it. I make all my artworks digitally on my laptop with the help of a graphic tablet. Creating artworks with unique concepts help me relax as well as focus, to put my mind and soul into my artwork. For me, there's no greater satisfaction than seeing the artwork come out as beautifully as I have imagined it.

Getting orders and printing the artworks

This is where my business starts. After spending so much time and effort, I have made my beautiful website, so that customers can order my artworks with ease. Once I get the order, I go to my local print shop and get the artworks printed out on the best quality paper with the best quality inkjet printers. After exploring and trying various papers and print shops, I have found out the best paper and print shop which suits my needs perfectly.

Packaging with extra love and care

Once the artworks are printed and framed, I start packaging it for shipment. Every artwork is packaged with extra love and care and every package is made out of eco friendly materials. I take extra care so that the artworks remain undamaged while in transit. Framed artworks are packaged in bubble wrap inside a corrugated box with proper cushioning to keep the artwork safe. Unframed prints are wrapped with wrapping paper, sealed in a paper envelope and then again sealed in a shipping mailer. Sending out the best quality art prints safely and delivering it at the earliest is my top priority.

Shipping the artworks to the customers

Once the artwork is packaged, I start the procedure of shipping it. This involves going to shiprocket(an ecommerce platform which integrates several courier partners), filling out customer details and product information and then waiting for the courier executive to take the artwork from me and deliver it to the customer.


Now you know what goes on behind the artworks. If you are interested in knowing about my inspiration behind my business idea, then check this out .


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